Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two Hundred Years

I realized, after reading the news yesterday, that this week marks 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo. Even as far away as we are from that event, in both time and distance, the impact of it is still felt. It turns out that Picton, the location in Prince Edward County of Rosehaven Yarns, a favourite yarn shop, is named after Sir Thomas Picton, Wellington's second-in-command at Waterloo. And, of course, the name "Wellington" is everywhere, including the street that adjoins my own, and the wonderful beach town not far from Picton itself. I had thought to call my new tam "Wellington", as I could easily imagine myself wandering along the beach there, and among the galleries and restaurants on a cool fall day wearing the object in question. Unfortunately, a quick perusal of Ravelry indicated that that name abounds. So, for now at least, I'm calling my tam "Picton". The handspun is super-soft and airy, having been spun "off the fold", and I'm opting
for no embellisment at the top, the better to show off the colour gradations,

unlike the version below, which has a small I-cord tab--

very classic and tailored, I think.


  1. Just beautiful! And a good match for your eyes.

  2. The tam is beautiful, and looks just like you in all ways.

    Here on the Belgian coast, the Waterloo anniversary slipped away without much hullabaloo, maybe because tickets to the reenactment were either unavailable or overly expensive for almost everyone?

  3. Your handspun is beautiful done up in that tam. And even though I'll miss your younger model, it's so nice to see it worn by someone MY age.

    Not a peep out here on the Wet Coast about the Waterloo anniversary. Seems like anything east of the Rockies is in another country.