Friday, August 21, 2015

ROM or Romni?

I'll be in Toronto tomorrow, to meet Isabel as she returns from California. With an afternoon to kill in the big city, should I go to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) to catch the Pompeii exhibition, or spend the time at Romni Wools?


  1. I'd vote for the Pompeii exhibit. And, you could maybe pop over to Ewe Knit (Bloor and Markham), a very sweet yarn shop. Or, you could head over to Leslieville and check out the Purple Purl (Queen & Jones). Smaller and extremely lovely yarn shops that might give you the chance to do both.


    1. I've been to the Purple Purl, and I love it, but my recollection was that it involved a longish streetcar ride east. Not sure if there's time if I go to the museum, although it's tempting. Never been to Eweknit. I'll look it up and see what it has to offer.

    2. It is a bit far east; I'd guess 20-25 minutes in transit from the ROM. Ewe Knit is on the Bloor subway line and and 2 stops west of the ROM. Although Romni and the Purl might be about equidistant from the ROM. I do like Romni (I was in there last week) and it's much larger than Ewe Knit but it was also unbearably hot in the store. MJ

  2. Replies
    1. I agree that the museum is a priority. The only strikes against it are 1) summer camp season (though there's a chance it's too late in the season for mobs of kids), and 2) I've seen a Pompeii exhibit before (the Smithsonian?) but more than a decade ago. Still, it calls, not for the ghastly plaster casts of the dying, but for the amazingly modern looking portraits.
      Plus, if you've read my post from earlier this week then you know I have a fondness for both ancient Rome and archaeology.

  3. Definitely the ROM! Romni has great wool but some of the staff usually leave me feeling irritated. Maybe the exhibit will inspire some new knitting patterns!

  4. ROM. Romni wools will always be there but the ROM exhibits change all the time. AND you may get some ideas for new patterns . . . .