Thursday, August 27, 2015

ROM Recap

So, here I am back in Kingston with Isabel, at least until Saturday when I'll drive her to Ottawa to catch a flight out to grad school (she'll be studying artificial intelligence--she's the brains of the family). I did go to the ROM's exhibit on Pompeii, but confess that I was underwhelmed. I don't feel I learned as much as I would have liked, although I enjoyed the jewellery (Canadian spelling, FYI), and the sculpture portraiture. The sculpture in imitation of the earlier Greeks wasn't so impressive to me.
It was the first museum exhibit I've been to where photography was actively encouraged. Since I had a brand new phone, I tried it out.

Mosaic guard dog on chain.
A most life like bust. My favourite piece.
After the ROM, I trotted along Bloor St. to Eweknit. What a pretty window! The Toronto streetcar knitting tour people were doing their thing on Saturday--the shop was briefly mobbed by knitters who descended en masse on the shop, then quickly made their purchases and left.

I was sorry to hear that the shop is relocating this week to a location less accessible by foot from the U of T area (where I mostly hang out).
Now I'm back in Kingston, putting the finishing touches on "Glenora", a sweater about to be modelled for us all by Isabel. Here are the new buttons, again photographed on the new phone.

Now I'm off to sew them on.

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  1. I'm glad that you liked Ewe Knit and I know it's moving farther west (and closer to me!) but it's still a super easy transit ride (just 2 subway stops past where it is now). If you choose to walk, you'd walk through Koreatown, which is interesting in its own right too. And it's only 4 subway stops from St. George. Also, it's going to be much much much bigger.
    Thanks for the review of Pompeii. I haven't been yet and was debating seeing it.