Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another Test Driving Opportunity

Calling anyone wanting a preview of the Glenora jacket. This is a bigger test knit than socks or fingerless gloves. Because of the scale of the project, you will have to provide your own Cascade Ecological Wool or Eco+. I'm looking for tests of the 3 largest sizes: finished bust measurements of 40, 43 1/2, or 48". The lower hem is 11 1/2" wider, so choose your size by your chest size. This yarn is widely available in a wide range of colours. The jacket takes 3 skeins for the first two above sizes, and 4 skeins for the largest. Send me a message on Ravelry, username emccarten, if you're interested.

This is a quick knit; I made the model shown in 5 days without any extra effort!

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  1. I like this sweater and I have the yarn! I sent you an email.