Sunday, September 13, 2015


Well, Glenora is now available on Ravelry and, surprisingly, currently in fourth position on the most viewed page for knitting. I know it won't be there for long. Sweaters rarely are; there's far more passion for small projects, especially shawls. Sweaters are bigger, riskier, more expensive, and REQUIRE FITTING. Nevertheless, thank you everyone for your interest in my latest knitting offspring. The wool, Cascade Eco+ or Cascade Ecological Wool, is widely available and not expensive, so I hope you'll give this cardigan a try. Plus, it's figure friendly.
I want to say an extra thank you to my test knitters and especially to Cheryl (see previous post) for modelling Glenora. We stood on the edge of the public parking lot in Picton for the pics at the end of her work day, when she was probably in a tearing rush to get back to her doggie, and we did the whole thing in five minutes with my smart phone.
Moving on...
Glenora is really an unstructured, more flowing version of my Petrova jacket. So, while I was working up the numbers for Glenora, I went back and re-edited its cousin.

The yarn I used for the original Petrova has since been discontinued, so I re-wrote it for the same yarn as Glenora, Cascade Ecological Wool or Eco+ (the dyed version). And I went over the numbers and completely re-did the Size 44", where I found one discrepancy (ouch!) 
Finally, I incorporated short rows into the back just before the body is joined to the sleeves, instead of merely suggesting that one might want to add those in. 
So, now I'm looking for some testers for Petrova. Keep in mind that this design involves a little more technique: there's seed stitch and a ribbed waist, double-knitted pockets, and I-cord edging with buttonholes. That said, the pattern is suitable for someone who has never encountered double (two layers at once) knitting before, with very explicit directions. So, be brave! If you're interested, write to me on Ravelry, username emccarten.  Here's a little inspiration.

Finally, fall has arrived--a knitter's favourite season! 

Only a hint of colour so far, but there's a chill in the air and it's time for socks (wool of course!)

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  1. I like it that the cable is going up in the sleeves.