Friday, November 13, 2015

Copyright Concerns

I found out this morning through a fellow designer on Ravelry that two of my most popular patterns, Harriet's Jacket and the Trellis Waistcoat, are being offered for free by a pattern-sharing website. Both these patterns were briefly offered for free by me last winter as a promotion, and I can only assume that that is how they worked their way onto this site. Confoundingly, there is no contact link on the website. I am not the only Ravelry designer affected, and there is some discussion underway to try to figure out what to do. In the meantime, please boycott these sorts of pattern-sharing sites. (I am not even including a link.) And naturally, I am reconsidering my offering of free patterns, now and in future, if it leads to this sort of unscrupulous behaviour. Arggh!

P.S. As of a few minutes ago, Harriet and Trellis have been removed from the pattern-sharing site in question. Victory! However, if you visit my pattern page on Ravelry, you'll notice that only a few very basic patterns are still free. Although temporary free promos definitely bring a lot of traffic to my page, once something is free, it seems that it's extremely difficult to haul it back into the regular paying stream. It's a case of technology being the proverbial double-edged sword! Many thanks to Spinnerific for setting me on the path to getting a resolution from the site in question.


  1. I am so very sorry to hear! I would be full of frustration, rage, and a bewildered sense of betrayal. I love something free as much as the next person, but when I think about the time and energy, to say nothing of the inspiration and creativity, I understand that the price I pay for a well written pattern is miniscule and I never begrudge it. I have found a number of designers (you included) through free pattern offerings. I hope you don't end up needing to take those more drastic steps you're contemplating.

  2. Very happy to hear your patterns have been deleted from the 'free' site. It's not fair to have your hard work 'given away' by a third party without your permission when you do your fans a favor. But, I don't know how anyone can really stop the passing of downloaded patterns from person to person without limiting the number of times a pattern can be printed or have built in code that calls home to report it's been Pirated. Is that even possible???