Monday, November 2, 2015


A lot of you wrote to me on Ravelry asking about purchasing one of my new spindles. I've done some checking up on shipping (and boxes for shipping), and I'm sorry to tell you guys that this is going to remain a DIY project. The cost of mailing parcels here in Canada is high compared to the US, where mail order is much more a way of life (I know, having lived there for a big chunk of my adult life), and it seems downright stupid to spend more on shipping a thing than the thing itself costs to make. I suppose one could argue that the small effort to put the spindle together adds to its value. Still, I think it makes more sense for those of you who are interested to order the parts directly from Lee Valley. If you go back a couple of posts, you can see what you'll need, and there's a link to the store in case you don't have one where you are.
Beautiful sunset tonight. Here it is, as seen through two layers of windows from our third floor library.

The Mod Gansey, girly version, proceeds apace. I spent hours (literally, unfortunately) on the phone with Bell today trying to solve an internet connection problem. With the phone on speaker, I picked up the collar stitches,

then managed to get the entire thing done during the conversations I had with five or six tech support people as my case was "escalated". I really hate that word. It's almost as if it's code for "getting the runaround".

By the end of my interaction with Bell, I had cast off the collar, although now I'm thinking I might go back and try out another ribbing ratio. 3 x 2?  Not sure, but this doesn't feel right. At least it kept me from foaming at the mouth during the "escalation".

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