Sunday, November 8, 2015


In her most recent column in the Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente begins with the words, "I don’t care what your politics are. It was impossible not to be moved by Wednesday’s ceremonies, held on the kind of luminous, golden day only a northern autumn can produce." She was so right. And in an extension of the mood, we had even more of the precious late fall weather through yesterday--precious, because it's unlikely there will be anything like it until next spring. Such is the ephemeral nature of both politics and golden November days, I guess.
To make the most of that last day, I drove along the lake, taking the the Glenora ferry over to Picton to drop into "The Maker's Hand", Prince Edward County's craft festival. There, I met up with Chris Hall of Cake Tin Hats, where I purchased the evocative hat she's holding in this pic. Total Downton Abbey. I'm a hat person, in case you haven't guessed.

Then it was on to Jackson's Falls Inn to set up my little table of spinning stuff. Already, Purlin'J was there with her Roving Yarn Truck.

World's best leggings!!!
 The truck was parked across the road from the falls, so I sauntered over to have a gander.

They're on private property, so this shot through the woods of the drop-off is from as close as I could get. Probably just as well.
Inside, the Inn lobby was set up with a mini-yarn shop. I browsed while the knitters were in class, enjoying the warmth after the slightly chill air outside.

My little display of spinning goodies was enough to attract some of the knitters for a drop-in drop spindle class between lunch and the afternoon session. The only disappointment? At the end of the drop spindle session, a group of knitters who all got together last summer to knit my Wheatsheaves Scarf stood on the front steps to pose together with me for a commemorative photo. I thought the pictures were good, but when I downloaded them to my computer last night, all the faces turned out to be very blurry. Same for the one of Karen modelling her Harriet's Jacket. However, you can go here to see these beautiful scarves. Truly, the most exciting aspect of knitting design is seeing what other knitters do with my work. Every scarf was in a different yarn, every one was a slightly different size, and all were gorgeous.

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