Saturday, November 21, 2015

Local Flavour

'Tis the season of the holiday craft fair. After several years of renovations, Kingston's Tett Centre, home of local potters, weavers, dancers, and others, is open once again in a spectacular setting next door to the Isabel Bader Centre for the Perfoming Arts overlooking Lake Ontario. Yesterday was Day 2 of the annual sale put on by the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners. The weather was blustery, but sunny, so I walked from home along the shoreline to get to the event.

When I arrived at the Tett, this is the first thing I noticed.

The only danger I was in was from awe at the beautiful workmanship and artistry on display. The refurbished studios are bright and spacious. Here's the new pottery studio,

and the large room for the sale (this is not the Weavers and Spinners' studio, which is down the hall).

 There were Shetland shawls,

mittens knitted with handspun wool and Samoyed dog fur,

and the group's famous tea towels, which were on the verge of selling out, as usual.  But the most stunning piece was this carpet...

My photo does not come close to capturing the beauty of this piece, woven by Norma Rosier with humble Briggs and Little wool. I wouldn't have believed such softness possible with B&L if I hadn't touched it with my own fingers. A truly astonishing demonstration of the weaving craft. Could you bring yourself to walk on this water?

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