Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Nine Stages of a Knitting Relationship

The Modern Gansey, Female Ed. has been slower going than I thought it would be. I seem to be going through ALL the stages of sweater knitting mood swings.
1. Enthusiasm as the sweater is planned, the yarn is bought, and the first stitches are cast on.
2. Concentration on the small details of getting the pattern stitches launched.
3. Pleasure in seeing the first few inches take shape.
4. Boredom as the long slog toward the underarms means that each round is longer than the one before. No wonder I was waylaid by a spindle-making fascination for a few days at this point!
5. Doubt about halfway down the body that this effort is going to produce a sweater I'll want to wear (or even see again).
6. Anxiety, as my yarn supply begins to dwindle. In fact, it's still not clear that 6 skeins of Osprey will do the trick. The original sweater was to be for Isabel, but when she declared an aversion to the colour, "Glacier", I decided to make it for myself. Not to worry too much, though. I called Rosehaven yesterday, and there's an extra skein on hold, just in case.
7. Relief, when I try it on (partially completed) and decide that I like it.
8. Anticipation for the end, made all the more exciting because this is a sweater I can't wait to wear.

Above, you see the divided hem on the body. None of this has benefitted yet from the transformative effects of blocking, but no matter, it will only become more beautiful. Can't wait for the last stage...
9. Exhilaration, when the sweater gets its first outing as a piece of my winter wardrobe. Won't be long now!

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