Sunday, December 6, 2015

On the Wild Side

Today was my second annual lunch party for fibre friends in the Kingston/Prince Edward County region. It was wild from the start, with Joan of Purlin' J's Roving Yarn Truck walking up the front steps just as I opened the door to let Bill out (this crowd is way too far out for him, so he made off in a hurry to Queen's library for his own version of exciting). Here's Joan in her signature wild child tights and her Stephen West sweater. I looked it up after she left. It's the Ombre Yarn Eater, one of Stephen's earlier and less wild designs, although come to think of it, it looks pretty wild (in a good way) in Joan's version. Don't you think this would make a great project for a knit group? No two projects would look the same, and everyone would be able to make a sizable dent in their stash. FYI, we were having work done on our eavestroughs and facia this afternoon, so that's why there's a truck in back.

Next up the walkway was Cheryl, of Little Church Knits, modelling Thea Colman's Dark and Stormy. These pics don't show the beautiful bluey-greeny grey, or how it perfectly matches Cheryl's eyes.

Inside the house, Carolyn Barnett showed off one of her felted vests. Check out the back!

Cheryl kindly modelled my Modern Gansey. Lookin' good! Although, I have to say that my designs feel awfully tame next to everyone else's explosive creativity.

Thanks, Cheryl. Thanks, Chris, Deb, Carolyn, Lesley, and Joan for your little gifts and a great afternoon.


  1. I had an awesome time. Thank you for the invite!!! Now, it's your turn to come out to the Ports. Thursdays, 6:00 if you want to eat, 6:30 to 8:00 for a knit and a chat.

  2. Sounds like so much fun. Wish I lived closer.

  3. Such a lovely afternoon! Thank you so much. (...and thanks for the apple cake recipe - we'll enjoy it over the holidays ;)