Sunday, January 31, 2016

Test Knit Progress

Testers are working on making different sizes of the Wolfe Island Gansey. Here's my own test-in-progress.

The yarn, from my stash, is Ella Rae Classic Heather in #137, an undyed sheep's pale grey. It shows the stitch patterns well, even if the colour does not seem exciting. Body done, steeks cut, first sleeve almost completed. I'll probably finish it tonight while watching something on my computer (we don't have TV) from TVO's program page--perhaps "The Empire Strikes Back" (not the one you're thinking of, but this one). Documentaries make the perfect knitting accompaniment. Not so gripping that you have to put everything down to watch, but interesting enough to distract you from the boring bits of the knitting.


  1. I love those undyed shades! I certainly see a Wolf Island Gansey in my future!

  2. That is lovely, the undyed shades do show off the patterning. I knit and blog read or watch stuff on my computer too.