Thursday, March 31, 2016

Nothing More Than Ribbing

My aran jumper has been slowly growing. I lost enthusiasm for it, I think on account of its greyness, but with the return of sunshine and flowers, my interest in it has flickered on again. In the lull, I wet blocked the completed lower body to check on the width and length. After all, aran knitting is nothing more than fancy ribbing, and blocking does wonders to open it all up.

The body, showing the blocked portion at the bottom, moving into unblocked work at the top.
Unblocked, the patterns have a lot of attractive stitch definition, with deep valleys and high ridges, and if this were a scarf I might be tempted to leave everything that way. However, since this is going to be a sweater, I prefer to block out the stitches. When first laid out after soaking, the patterns stretched out to a scary degree. When dry, they pulled back in a bit and that's what I wanted to see. It's the only way to be really, really certain that all this effort won't come to naught. Granted it would be nice if I had had a more interesting colour than grey in my stash (I'm working on that), but at least now there's a little colour in the front garden.

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  1. I am knitting something grey at the moment and I slowed down as I felt uninspired by it, but this last week I have picked up the needles and got going again - I think you are correct that it is the light that has 'switched on' the need to knit!