Saturday, May 14, 2016

Road Trip, Anyone?

With the Victoria Day long weekend looming and the summer driving season coming up, I've added a new gadget (that's Google's term) in the right sidebar of the blog. The new link will take you to an earlier blog post entitled "Out and About". It's a little tour of day trip destinations from Kingston. They're all on this side of the Canada/US border, even though we're also within striking distance of upstate New York. The so-called "thickening" of the border since 9/11 has unfortunately made that direction much less appealing as an easy destination than it used to be. Also, such physical obstacles as Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mountains make that direction more complicated. So, for now the day trip list is geared to trips with no passport required. Take your knitting though, since you never know how long you'll have to wait for ferries, road construction, or restaurant meals. Summer, here we come.

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  1. I'm looking forward to some fun road trips this summer!