Thursday, June 2, 2016

There's a Reason for Those June Weddings

June is decidedly the month for romance. It's no accident that at about this time almost every year, I have an urge to re-read Georgette Heyer's "Venetia" (even though it is set in November). June is the month of peonies, lupins, roses, lilacs, and honeysuckle. The oppressive heat of July has not yet set in, and all is freshly verdant.

Our back garden.
Pale pink peonies on King St. E. (around the corner).

My next door neighbour's lupins.

Our front garden.
 "Fusion" is done and blocking, apart from the sewing on of the buttons.

I really have the perfect buttons. You'll have to wait for the final photos to see them, as well as how the cardigan will be "styled". It doesn't look very exciting in its drab and sober slates and plums (especially after all the lush floral exuberance), but don't pre-judge. I think you'll feel the love when you see everything put together.


  1. Oh I do love that one, Also Frederica and Black Sheep. And I think that cardigan is already a model of elegance and beauty!

    1. I love Frederica too. There's a good version of it on