Sunday, August 21, 2016

August Tidbits

1. I've just grafted the shoulders of the updated version of Wheatsheaves. Just in case someone reading this hasn't done much Kitchener Stitch (named after Lord Kitchener, who during WW1 ordered that the toes of soldiers' socks be made seamless), here's a tip. While working the initial graft, don't bother about tension, other than to keep everything on the loose side. Then when all the stitches are joined, go back and tug gently on them just until they match the tension of the surrounding stitches. It's a simple matter to tighten up the tension, but devilishly difficult to loosen things up. Below, you can see where the stitches on the right-hand side have been adjusted, while the ones on the left are waiting their turn. It's unnecessarily fussy to try to get the tension perfect on the first pass.

To those readers who complain of my penchant for knitting with grey, I swear that this wool is definitely not that colour. It's actually a lovely greenish turquoise, rather on the bright side, in fact. Somehow, my phone camera refused to acknowledge it.

2. While the heat and humidity are dreadful, our drought seems to be over. Things are greening up (apart from the trees, which have gone into a weird stage of early fall). Case in point: the hibiscus on the corner of Earl and King Streets.

How can you not love dinner plate sized flowers!

3. Went for a walk in the late afternoon yesterday before the crowds gathered in Market Square for the last Tragically Hip concert.

Crab apples and the dome of St. George's Cathedral.
Trucks setting up for live screening of The Hip's concert with dome of City Hall in background.
We were out of the country for the decades when The Hip became the iconic Canadian band. Regardless, we could feel the poignancy of the day.

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