Monday, August 8, 2016

Vim and Vinegar

I've been silent for a while. There's a reason. We're caught up in a home purchase and sale---again. Yes, our current 3-storey limestone house is lovely, and yes, we can walk to just about everything, and yes, we can see the lake from the front door. So, why would we opt to move? Because:
1. I really want/need better and brighter studio space.
2. I want a place large enough to hold workshops.
3. Eventually we would need to move anyway since our current place is tall and narrow, without a main floor bathroom. Bill, who is older than I am, turns 66 today. I think it's a good idea to move to where we can "age in place" rather than wait until we have to move.
4. I strongly desire a bit more connection to the natural world. OK, I have some garden here, but our new place has tall, mature trees and larger grounds (think dye garden).
5. A place came up at the right price in the right place. It needs work. Actually, Bill keeps referring to it as "the dump", but the space speaks to me and it's in Barriefield, a more-or-less intact early 19th-century village within walking and biking distance of Kingston's downtown.
No pics yet of the new house, but here are some shots of Barriefield when we attended its 200th anniversary a few years ago.

For now, our house smells of Vim (a household cleanser, for my non-Canadian readers), and vinegar, as I struggle with maintaining an unnatural state of neatness and cleanliness, and panic at the dangerous possibility of owning two houses.
P.S. Very little knitting going on for the moment.


  1. How exciting. I love that you are blogging about the fun parts and the scary parts as many of us are contemplating the same move. I admire your courage. We keep saying we're going to list our home and then buy something else. Perhaps we should buy first and then be forced to get this place ready for the market. I found myself thinking "ah! So that's how it's done."

  2. Congratulations on your new home! I have missed your posts, but having moved a couple of years ago I understand. After raising 5 children in the same house for over twenty years, moving was a daunting task but so worthwhile. I also enjoy your posts because I think we are the same age and my husband is also older - a year ahead of yours so many of the issues you raise ring a bell! Looking forward to more posts when you are settle.

  3. Congratulations on the new home.

    We downsized a year ago. Because the housing market is hot in our town, we refused to put our house for sale until we found what we wanted--we are too old to have to move twice. The plan worked perfectly. We had 3 offers for our home the first day of showings and with more than the asking price.

    "Age in place" is the best advice.

    Best of luck to you.

  4. Goodness, how charming. I took a look on Google streetview, and am amazed there's that little piece of the past just sitting there on the rim of of the city. (I visit Kingston often, but I'm not familiar with any part of the city over the water.)