Friday, October 21, 2016

A Better Buttonbox

For a long time I've sensed that a lot of knitters would prefer a Buttonbox Waistcoat with a deeper collar. Some knitters have had trouble getting their collar to stay put, usually because they've used superwash wool or they haven't wet blocked their vest. My notes on the Ravelry page for this design have for a long time pointed to my tutorial on how to knit a deeper shawl collar. Well, at long last I'm making my own Buttonbox with just such a collar, and what's more, I'm getting ready to write up the details so anyone can do it without having to go through all their own calculations. Even better, the collar has a new all-in-one methodology, with the final cast-off covering the button bands and collar all in one smooth closing act. Here's a glimpse:

Everything you need to know to re-create this look in a couple of days (plus a small correction for a set of numbers in the upper back of the Knitty pattern). See you then...

1 comment:

  1. I have this in my lineup of things to make soon...we live in southeastern US and vests are a wardrobe essential here. Looking forward to the update!