Wednesday, November 23, 2016


I've always had a thing for red shoes. There's an old photo of me, age 3, in a photo album buried away in a trunk, wearing a smocked dress and red shoes. I look pretty pleased with myself. I still love red, especially at this time of the year as we count down the last month to the winter solstice.

The schoolhouse wall, as seen from the back of our house.

Crabapple tree a couple of weeks ago.

Procession entering Grant Halll at Queen's University last week during Convocation.
So yesterday evening I reached for a basket full of skeins from Philosopher's Wool. I had purchased the skeins as part of a kit at the last Rhinebeck Festival attended by Ann and Eugene and I had meant to make Ann's Kilim Jacket. Problem is, I've changed my mind since then. The Kilim is really too boxy and oversized for 2016. This, below, is more the silhouette I favour for this cardigan/jacket. (There might be a little disagreement with Isabel about the collar. She favours no collar, the better to wear with shirts/blouses with collars, while I prefer the face-framing character of a wide shawl collar.)

It's inspired by the shape of this, below, from Vogue, 2011. OK, the hair is a bit much, as it often is in Vogue Knitting, but I love the cardigan silhouette and also the styling, with the layered, but flowing, pieces.

So, now I'm playing...

P.S. That's actually red at the bottom of the swatch, even though here it's taken on a distinctly pink overtone. The camera lies. And now I need red even more, after this happened two days ago. Winter isn't just coming. It's here!


  1. What a gorgeous shape! And, let's face it, no one does a shawl collar like you ;)

  2. So I was at the grocery store this week...and there was a real chill in the air so the knitwear had come out of storage...not just at my house, but clearly for most of northern Illinois, as many doing their weekly shopping were wearing wool. I noticed one woman in particular who was wearing a gorgeous gansey. It was neither too tight nor too baggy; it fit her perfectly. The wool was an oatmeal color and it was a rather bulky yarn. I have to admit I kind of stalked her...wanting to get a really good look at the sweater to see if I could find it on Ravelry. I even did a search on my phone while waiting to check out. Alas I didn't find the sweater on that first search...and then returned home and while I intended to look again, I just didn't get around to it. I get your blog through my Feedly and while reading this post I glanced at the sidebar AND THERE IT WAS! The sweater from the grocery store was your Modern Gansey! So it's now in my queue...and I'm wondering whether you think Peace Fleece in the Moldova Burgundy colorway would be too dark...and would hide all that beautiful stitch work...your thoughts? I'm not opposed to purchasing new yarn 😉

  3. I think you must be the first to stalk someone wearing one of my sweaters! I wonder if it was the gansey shown in Bartlettyarn on Ravelry's project page.
    I do indeed worry that the colour you are thinking of may be a bit dark. Also, while I love Peace Fleece, I worry about it being uncomfortable next the neck in a high collar. The Osprey I used for mine is very soft and has better stitch definition, or perhaps you should investigate that Bartlett yarn.

  4. Quince is sold out of the color I'd like (Iceland)...what do you think about Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Chunky? There will be the 'fluff' from the alpaca....

    1. Too heavy. Alpaca is actually a very dense fibre.

    2. Arghhhh...I think I'm going to pick a different (in stock) color of Osprey...I really like the way yours looks in this yarn!

  5. It feels lovely to work with and to wear.