Saturday, December 10, 2016

Liz's Pussyhat

When I heard about the Pussyhat Project a few days ago, I came home and discussed it with Isabel, who was born and lived the first fifteen years of her life in Washington, DC. She thought it would be a great idea to make a hat to send to the project, so I looked up the pattern on the project's website. Not wanting to knit a long strip and then seam it together, I wrote my own version, seamless of course, because who has time for seaming? It's knitted bottom up so you get the stretchiness of the longtail cast-on, and because it's so stretchy it fits a wide range of head sizes.

It's not a perfect, fancy kitty hat like this one, but is meant to be quick and easy. The idea is to make a big visual impact at the Women's March on Washington on January 21. I read today in the Washington Post that the National Park Service has not yet handed out permits for any marches in the days surrounding Mr. Trump's inauguration. However, a starting location has been set for the Women's March, and it is expected to go ahead regardless. If you can't be there and want to show your support, knit a hat (my version is here) and send it to the project for someone to wear. There's a label to the wearer for you to fill out if you wish, on which you can communicate which women's issues matter most to you. Grab some pink yarn and get going!
P.S. Yes, this is a slightly different version than the one you saw here yesterday! We decided we preferred the version with the "ears" unsewn and left to curl on their own.


  1. Thank you for the pattern. I am knitting one for my daughter, my son, and my sister. I can't get to DC but they can and will. I hope to join my other daughter, her partner, and another sister with my husband at the rally in Boston.

  2. I finished that hat last night; it looks exactly like yours. I also knitted it in the round and finished with a 3-needle bind-off.

    My hat is for my cousin who is going to participate in the D.C. march.