Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Sort of "EveryBody Project" for Knitters

The designs I'm working on this spring (while getting ready to move house) comprise, at least in my own mind, a sort of "EveryBody Project" for knitters. In the same way as Sonya Philip came up with her "100 Acts of Sewing", I'm working toward twelve months of knitting designs planned to work on every woman's shape and in every knitter's wardrobe. So many knitters avoid knitting sweaters because they think they can't knit something that will look flattering on their bodies. I think everyone can look great in handknits, and this is my attempt to encourage knitters to build their confidence. The Audrey coat was the first of the series, and the short, lighter than air cardigan currently on my needles is next up. Both of these designs are simple to knit, with minimal finishing, (no picking up stitches to form borders, for instance), and both have a role to play in one's wardrobe.
The mohair and silk spencer is meant to fill the wardrobe gap in transitional seasons, although it would work equally well in over-zealously cooled office buildings or even for reading in bed. It can  be worn open and drapey, which is flattering to just about every woman's shape, or the fronts can be tied in a knot for a more figure-skimming silhouette. As with Audrey, this garment is practically falling off my needles, even with time outs for organizing the upcoming move.

This pic shows how the front borders are knitted in. No seams to sew either, which would be quite dreadful in such an airy fabric.
There's progress out of doors too.

The above pic is a little blurry, taken on my phone from a distance, but see those white sails? They're the surest sign of spring. (For non-Kingstonians: Did you know that Kingston offers some of the best fresh water sailing in the world? Did you know that it hosted the sailing events at the 1976 Olympics?) Sunshine + flowers + white sails on blue water = Instant Mood Booster!

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  1. Love the idea of a knitting equivalent to 100 Acts of Sewing! I'm working on a tunic right now😁 If you look at Sonja's pics, she's often wearing handknits with her hand sewn clothing...a great pairing! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the collection...and good luck on the move!