Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Looking for Lopi?

A reminder that my Audrey Coat will be on sale for only three more days (including today). There's been a sharp uptick in interest in this design over the last week, as cooler fall weather approaches.

I don't know about you, but here in eastern Ontario, it's getting increasingly difficult to get one's hands on sweater quantities of Istex's Alafoss Lopi. Our yarn shops aren't ordering in new batches and the existing supply is dwindling to quantities inadequate for Audrey.
This morning I went online and learned that that old dependable supplier, Camilla Valley Farm, seems to have a good stock in hand. So, if you're planning an Audrey Coat, give them a call--it's the best way to order from them in my experience. Now, get knitting. I see that the overnight low for this Thursday is only 7C!


  1. Wool-Tyme in Ottawa has a pretty good selection of colours too, especially the tweeds which I love! Plus you can order online easily

    1. Well, yes and no. The coat takes a LOT of balls, and when I was last at Wool Tyme (about a month ago) they were a bit short in many colours and didn't have plans to order more any time soon. Still, you might get lucky.

  2. Myrtle Station Wool and Ferguson's Knitting in Myrtle Station (17km north of Whitby on Hwy 12 - green house on right (east side) a few houses north of the railroad tracks) carries a full stock of Lopi (Alafoss, Lopi Lett, and Einband) yarns. They are open Thursday - Saturday from 11 - 5.