Monday, December 3, 2018

Handmade Wardrobe: Knitting + Sewing

With my decision last week to delete my Instagram account, suddenly there was no place showcasing my knitting/sewing wardrobe makes over the last year. This post highlights some of my favourites involving pieces from Sonya Philips' 100 Acts of Sewing.

Colour palette chosen after reading Anuschka Reese's "The Curated Closet".
Modern Gansey + Pants No.1
Glenora + Dress No. 1

Cropped aran (unpublished) + Pants No. 1
Shirt No. 1 + Skein of hand-dyed destined to become a Fibonacci Neckerchief

Skirt No. 1 + 15-year-old velvet jacket + Cataraqui Scarf

Petrova + Skirt No. 1 made long
Buttonbox Waistcoat + Pants No.1
Dress No. 1 + Fibonacci Neckerchief

Perth Cardi + Dress No. 1

Front and back views of Audrey's Coat + Dress No. 1.
Links to all the knitting designs are in the blog sidebar (if you're viewing this on a mobile device you may have to switch to the web version to see). What you're not seeing in this collection is my latest "uniform" -- variations on the York Pinafore from Helen's Closet. That's a whole other story. 


  1. Love the garnsey, I made one with a crew neck several years ago. Why did you delete your instagram account, were you having trouble with it?

    1. Ethical concerns, since the takeover by Facebook. I do not belong to the latter either.

  2. Thanks for your generosity with your Ravelry patterns right now. I love your beautiful designs, they are so “off the beaten track” in a wonderful way! I also enjoy your pattern names, having spent my high school years in Ottawa :-)

  3. I am so astonished and delighted to see so many of your gorgeous designs "free" on Ravelry! Thank you so much for gifting your talents, creativity, and hard work! Each is lovely, each one has something new to learn!

    I so enjoyed making your Wakefield, and Wakefield Jacket ~ I didn't take photos before the recipients sailed away with them, or they would be a part of my posted Ravelry projects!

    I love this post - the Curated Closet and The 100 Acts of Sewing are classic treasures. How you have paired your sewing, especially Dress # 1, with your knitting, is delightful!

    Thanks again - blessings and joy to you in abundance this holiday season
    ~ always and all ways ~ and good health to you, and to yours!

  4. Thank you so much for your generous gift in sharing so many of your patterns. I am thrilled.

  5. I also deleted my IG account a couple of months ago. For me it was because I very much dislike the way the app has changed. I will gladly follow your awesome makes on your blog, as they are beautiful and well thought through. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am amazed of your beautiful designs and their (in my eyes) feminine and vintage vibes, without beeing all small and form fitting. I especially love Frostfern and Harriet's jacket. And I am super grateful that you are gifting these amazing designs currently for free. I cannot imagine how much work you put into the patterns. As I love your blog and your designs I have mentioned/linked them in my #needleworkmonday post (this is a community on steemit, who writes every monday about everything needle related). I hope this is ok for you <3
    Here is the link

  7. Ditto from me on the thanks for gifting your is amazingly generous. I hope that you continue blogging...I'm not an Instagram person, either...for the same reason as you...and I miss the "old days" when folks blogged more and "insta'd" less. Your clothing/knitting pairings are terrific...I hope you share more. I, as well, have a Sonya pattern addiction...I think I live in Tunic No. 1 every day (different colors, of course!).