Monday, June 29, 2020

Free Range Slacks Review

While Willingdon is in testing, I've been working on some new wardrobe sewing, specifically, Sew House Seven's Free Range Slacks . As of this evening, only the hemming awaits. I mostly wear loose pants like this when it's spring, normal summer warm weather (not a heat wave), and fall. They're too drafty to wear in winter (at least without leggings underneath), and too warm for serious heat. Often I layer them with one of my York Pinafores.
This was my first time around with this pattern, and I'll definitely be making it again and again. I made the size 2, and they're the best fitting pants ever. I found the instructions only so-so, but since I'm a fairly experienced sewist that didn't deter me. Here's what I did differently.

1. I used bias binding on the slanted front pockets instead of making a facing. No need to stay stitch, no need to understitch. See my post on bias binding for how I do this.

2. I disregarded the instructions to use a pattern piece template for topstitching and sewing the pockets in place. Top stitching doesn't have to be done from the top! The easier solution was simply to do it from the wrong side by sewing 1/4" in from the edge of the lining. Never make things more complicated than they have to be.

3. I changed the sequence of seaming, opting to do the front and back rises separately, followed by the long inseams from one ankle up to the crotch and down to the other ankle. I top stitched the back rise 1/4" from the seam before doing the long inseams for extra strength. No chance of the seat ripping on these slacks when I squat down to weed the garden. No need to clip the curves of the rise with this method.

4. Because I'm only 5'1", I shortened the legs by 2" on the paper pattern (which I made by tracing from the original). 

As usual, I finished the seams as I went with my overcast foot.

Incidentally, a great source for Indie pattern sewing inspiration is Sienna Parfitt's blog, Not a Primary Color. 

It turns out that a real challenge at this time of online (as opposed to in-store) purchasing is getting hold of matching thread for projects. I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time sitting with my laptop and my phone and my fabric stash trying to guess which colours of thread will be the right ones to order. Here's what came in the mail today, along with the lovely dusty pink striped cotton.

Right now, these soft colours are calling to me. Might be a result of watching Sanditon (not happy with the not happy ending -- argh!).

Are you becoming a little more self-sufficient these days? Acquiring new skills? Here's part of my back deck garden showing my pole beans and sugar snap peas. We had our first harvest of the latter today and had a delicious tofu stir-fry for dinner.

Other new skills? I've mastered basic men's haircuts and a few days ago even managed to take an inch off my own locks courtesy of this YouTube how-to video. How are you doing in the "new normal" of our pandemic stricken world?

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  1. Thank you for finding a good trouser pattern! I’m five feet in height and may give this one a try. Also love the pink striped fabric. Wish I could ship some over here.