Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's cold out there--we've had our first night with temperatures below freezing. I really need to get those crocus bulbs planted. Time to get all the woollies out of hibernation, too. Definitely wool time. And speaking of wool time, I'll be teaching a class on the first weekend in Nov. in fairisle knitting at Wool-Tyme, a LYS. Click here for more info.
Today, I'm waiting for my swatching experiments with Peace Fleece to dry.

No, this is not a sleeve; it's an exploration of different types of welting--3-row and 5-row specifically. I'm planning a sweater with horizontal welting on the back and vertical welting on the front. My earlier practice with "Eastern" purled stitches in ribbing is the bit that looks like the cuff.
While this dries, I'm going to go to go to this. Early on in my life I spent 5 years as a legal adviser to Canada's Immigration Appeal Board (now the Immigration and Refugee Board), and I've retained an interest in immigration matters. Canada is, after all, hugely dependent on immigration to keep its society going, and there seems to be a broad level of public acceptance of the need for immigrants. In fact, according to the Globe and Mail, Sweden is apparently looking to "the Canadian model" to deal with its immigration issues. See here.
I'll take my lunch and my knitting. This is what sock knitting is perfect for. Perhaps I'll make some progress on this.

The garter edged heel flap and V-heel don't look elegant sitting there on the needle, but in my next post I'll model them to show how fantastically they fit. On the foot they look very elegant indeed.