Sunday, November 6, 2011

All Dressed Up

Drove east along the Thousand Islands parkway today to pick up a bunch of my knits from Janie H., who very kindly displayed them as part of her vendor activities at the annual Needlers' Retreat at Glen House Resort. The day was sunny and beautiful for November and I should have snapped some photos of the islands, but I didn't. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment without trying to record it. Knitted and chatted with Deb Gemmell and others for an hour or so before returning home. Wore my new socks, with my fairly new boots. A great combo. Too bad this camera angle makes my legs look like sausages!

Before I left, I spent a little time dressing up the pots on my deck for the winter. The red dogwood and curly willow have to go in now before the soil freezes. Last year I waited too long and had to bring the pots indoors to thaw them out.

I'll add greens next week.