Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amherst Island and Two Public Performances

Bill and I took a little excursion this morning to Amherst Island. It's the island west of Wolfe Island, which is west of Howe Island, which is west of Hill Island. (If you know your British military history, you'll know that all these islands are named after British generals.) We always seem to have a bit of a scramble getting to the ferry in time, but for once we were early, so we sat in the car, freezing cold with the engine turned off, and watched for the ferry through the mist and rain. No photos of the morning because of the weather. I worked on my swatch for the lace sampler shawl. Once on the island, we turned west toward the far end and the Wool Shed at Topsy Farms. I'm planning to do a design featuring local wool and this was the first step toward that goal. I bought some skeins of their 2-ply yarn in a natural grey, spun for Topsy at MacAusland's in P.E.I. (that's Prince Edward Island for you non-Canadians--land of Anne of Green Gables). I also bought a jar of creamed honey and a calendar with stunning photography of --sheep, of course. Hard to believe that sheep photos could be stunning, but really, they are!

Juno Leads the Flock Home
"Juno leads the flock home", from Topsy's calendar
This afternoon I toddled off through the cold mist to Queen's Wallace Room to watch Isabel perform with the Highland Dance Club. She danced the Highland Fling and some sort of reel, and a couple of other things, all to the accompaniment of a band of live pipers. Quite stirring. While I was waiting for the performance to get underway, I hauled out my drop spindle and made yarn from fluff. It was my first spinning-in-public experience, and fortunately, I don't think Isabel noticed. Or maybe she did, and she's so used to having a dorky mother that it didn't bother her.