Monday, September 15, 2014

Ridgefield Kits Now Available By Mail

When I posted the first photos of Ridgefield last week, I had a flurry of messages in my Ravelry box from knitters wanting to know when/how they could get their hands on the pattern and beautiful limited edition yarn.

Now I'm happy to announce that kits are available by mail order through Janice Lever of Windblest Farm. Fleece from Janice's Leicester sheep makes up the wool component of the 60% alpaca/ 40% wool blend, and Janice is the one who has hand-dyed each kit separately. I saw the kits yesterday at the Almonte Fibrefest and the slate colour is slightly darker, richer, and more gorgeous than what you see in my prototype. The cost of the kits is $120 for the S/M and $150 for the L/XL. (Choose the larger kit size if you are taller than average, regardless of bust size. Janice, who is a slim 5'7" looks better in the L/XL.) Pattern specs are on Ravelry. Prices include all taxes, and are in Canadian dollars, so you Americans out there benefit from the recent drop in our dollar. To place an order, write to Janice at