Monday, October 19, 2015

Heading to "That Girl Place"

The Modern Gansey was invented as a guy knit. I've written before about the challenges of designing and knitting for men, and this sweater represents the perfect balance between my interests as a knitter, and my son's interests in having something warm and discreetly stylish. But, even as I was finishing it last winter, I knew I wanted to design a feminine version. Unfortunately, what works for men rarely works for women. So what changes am I making to take this sweater to "that girl place", in the words of my friend, Cheryl?
1. A wide, slightly cropped silhouette. Shaping is not an option with this style, so best to accept that, and go for a loose, short shape that will look great over fitted bottoms (skirt, leggings, jeans, etc.)
2. A taller collar. Cropped shapes look splendid with high collars. When worn with the fitted bottoms, see above, the look can be quite lengthening and slimming. (When you're on the small side, this is always the goal.)
3. A split hem. Sweaters that are tight about the hips are not for me. The generous ease in the body + the split hem should make for a gently flowing fit.
4. A buttery soft, smooth (non-superwash, of course) wool to show off the texture while looking sophisticated and polished. I've chosen Quince & Co's Osprey.
5. A delicately tinted colour, on the light side to highlight the stitch patterns. "Glacier" is a very pale robin's egg blue that goes with just about everything.
Yesterday I cast on for this adventure to the feminine side,

and this morning I knitted everything onto a 32" circular to accommodate the rapidly growing stitch count.

In case anyone is, Bill and I did not do Rhinebeck this year. I was a little grumpy over the weekend at the thought of what I was missing, but then I remembered the crazy crowds last year, and the even crazier exchange rate on the Canadian dollar this year.
Now I'm off to make a second attempt to vote in our federal election. Our riding is "Kingston and the Islands". Voter turnout is predicted to be high, and it certainly was when I walked over to our polling station at City Hall earlier this morning. The one hour wait in line (sans knitting) seemed a bit much, so I'm going back after lunch with some knitting in tow, just in case.


  1. I love this sweater already, top down, and the idea of slimming and lengthening adds to the appeal.

  2. Oh, I thought you were going and I had missed seeing you. Hope to see you next year!

  3. Yep. Hits 'that girl spot' just right! :D Nicely done!