Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Looking Ahead

The prototype mitt I'm working on is almost done. It would have been all done, but I had to run out to the Bay (Hudson's Bay Company for non-Canadians) to take advantage of a mattress sale. We've had the same mattress on our bed for 25 years, and it was way overdue for replacement. How do we know that? None of our sheets fitted it properly any longer because its innards had compressed over time, resulting in greatly reduced depth. So, with a replacement on the way, I thought I'd share some views of where we're going. These photos were taken yesterday while briefly in the new house with our agent.

Living room, with enormous window

Master bedroom

View from first floor landing


Third floor bedroom, back of house

Third floor bedroom, front of house

Ship's cabin bedroom

View from ship's cabin room


Back garden
Cherub from the front garden
Appropriate, don't you think, given that we're moving on Valentine's Day?

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  1. Great house! Congratulations! But that cherub. Are you familiar with the "Don't Blink" from Dr. Who?