Thursday, February 10, 2022

In the Mail

Pont Neuf is done and, as of this morning, in the mail on its way to Isabel. I wish I could show you how it looks on her, but given that we no longer live in the same city, this is the best I can do.

In truth, the colour of the Scout yarn is actually closer to the picture below, taken while the sweater was blocking.


1. The waist shaping was compressed into a shorter space to account for Isabel's petite stature.

2. The lower border was shortened for the same reason.

3. The sleeves were made full length. While three quarter length sleeves look lovely, it cannot be denied that if you feel chilly enough to need to wear a wool sweater, you probably want your forearms to be warm too.

4. The buttons are sewn all the way through the two layers of borders. I learned this lesson with Petrova, which also features an asymmetrical closure. Neither sweater will ever be worn with the front fully open, so why bother with buttonholes when you don't need them. No one can tell just by looking that this Pont Neuf has no fully functioning buttonholes. Plus, Isabel won't have to worry about the sweater accidentally coming open from an overstretched buttonhole.

5. For the lower border bind off I used the same technique as recommended in the Pembroke Scarf. I think it's sometimes called a Shetland BO because it's often used for lace shawls. Anyway, it worked a treat for giving the lower edge a stretchy but tidy fit over the hips.

In the thick of winter I'm daydreaming about the paint job I'm going to do on our public rooms next spring. Out with the mismatched ceiling and trim colours that came with the house and the boring beige walls. And that awful light fixture in the vestibule.

Fantasy is cheap!