Wednesday, March 14, 2018


My spring fling feelings of last post were unhappily premature. Winter is making a hopefully brief return. The wet, heavy white stuff began falling yesterday afternoon and although it is a nuisance, the roads are remaining thankfully bare and the walking is reasonably pleasant. And with daylight saving time, there seems to be more light. Here are some views from this morning of the apple orchard at Bellevue House, down the street from my place.

The ice has broken up on Lake Ontario. I'm always surprised at how quickly the break up happens.

I'm doing quite a bit of sewing just now, adding more linen things to my wardrobe. I wear linen year-round (by layering), but with new fabrics and colours coming into shops at this time of the year, it's a good time to expand my wardrobe. All the sewing means that my Perth Cardi is growing a little slowly. Nevertheless, I'm nearing the lower edge.

The colour is really more green than blue, a hue that is quite difficult to capture with my camera. I'll probably put everything onto waste yarn and wet block before I reach my desired length. This stitch tends to grow in length, and it's better to take the time to block and dry than expend the time and energy finishing the body, then having to rip back. It won't be finished in time for St. Patrick's Day, but at least I'll be working on something green. My usual Irish Soda bread, courtesy of the late James Beard, will be on the menu.
P.S. The eagle-eyed may notice that I have altered the seam line from the pattern. Instead of working it in purl, I'm working it in knit. Much easier, still looks great. I'll do the same on the sleeves, working SSK to the right of the seam stitch, and k2tog on the left (making the decreases lean toward the underarm).