Sunday, October 23, 2022


Sometimes connections forged in childhood remain for life. So, whenever I think of this purple/pink (pink/purple?) colour, I also think of Miss Heliotrope, the governess in Elizabeth Goudge's "The Little White Horse". It's completely stuck in my brain and there's no possibility of severing the connection. I loved the book back then, and I love this colour in my adult life. See?

I've been hauling out the winter woollies and organizing them for the season ahead. I think this little combo is going front and centre in this year's favourites. From left to right:

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas' Studio Beret, my handspun handknit Bellevue Mittens, and my Diamanda Mitts in the "pink lemonade" colourway. 

They're all going to have a little sudsy bath tomorrow before going into this season's rotation. That is, once the gloriously warm fall weather evaporates.

View from Lemoine Point.