Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Sale: Surplice Collar Jackets

You'd think a collar that is basically a big band around the front opening of a cardigan would be simple to design.

In fact, it's anything but. A surplice style jacket can be graceful and feminine and, unfortunately, often lacking in proper fit. To work, the band collar requires some finessing at the back of the neck and around the shoulders. The two jackets above, Wheatsheaves and Frostfern, have strategic decreasing built into their collars to make them hug the neck and shoulders. They are among my favourite sweaters and, in the cool spring weather we're experiencing at the moment, perfect for casual or more dressy wear. Although they are shown with shawl pins, I'm thinking of adding a crochet loop and button closure to my next iteration, and I think I'll make it in a light and pretty pastel. What do you think? Both jackets are on sale from now until the end of April on my Ravelry page.