Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Never Done

For me, design is an ongoing process. I'm not one of those knitters who gets everything perfect on the first pass. After I complete a garment and wear it (sometimes for more than a year!), I frequently decide to make modifications/improvements. Such is the case with the tunic sweater I knitted around this time last year. I wore it all last winter, but never got around to publishing it. Last week, while waiting for some mail-ordered wool to arrive for Isabel's Xmas sweater, I took the plunge and frogged the entire body of the sweater up to about an inch below the underarms. I re-skeined the wool (Cascade Eco+), washed it to remove the kinks, then re-knitted and wet-blocked the whole thing. The goal was to shorten the front body to about hip length while making the back lower by around one and a half inches by means of short rows (German short rows, but that's a whole other post). I also widened the strip at the sides between the pairs of increases. It's not easy to make chunky yarn drape nicely, but I'm hoping to have achieved that. [As an aside, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Cascade Eco+ doesn't seem as chunky as it used to?] To make a long story short, here's the result:

As for how this looks and drapes on a human body, you'll have to wait for more photos when I have a model available.
We're having a remarkably un-snowy winter so far, although there appears to be some threat of a return of the polar vortex later, apparently an ironic result of arctic warming. With the solstice happening later this week, I've really been enjoying the little spots of red in local decoration. Look at how these home owners have used red burlap to wrap their shrubs. So cleverly festive!

And last Saturday, while I was Xmas shopping on the main drag in Picton, the library was offering a venue for pet photos. So pretty and fun! (Take note, Melania, that spots of red are festive, while seas of red are just plain creepy.)

Isabel's wool has still not arrived, so this morning I might just cast on Churchmouse Yarns' men's necktie with a lone ball of Regia calling to me from the stash. The pattern is free. What about you? Any last minute projects?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Handmade Wardrobe: Knitting + Sewing

With my decision last week to delete my Instagram account, suddenly there was no place showcasing my knitting/sewing wardrobe makes over the last year. This post highlights some of my favourites involving pieces from Sonya Philips' 100 Acts of Sewing.

Colour palette chosen after reading Anuschka Reese's "The Curated Closet".
Modern Gansey + Pants No.1
Glenora + Dress No. 1

Cropped aran (unpublished) + Pants No. 1
Shirt No. 1 + Skein of hand-dyed destined to become a Fibonacci Neckerchief

Skirt No. 1 + 15-year-old velvet jacket + Cataraqui Scarf

Petrova + Skirt No. 1 made long
Buttonbox Waistcoat + Pants No.1
Dress No. 1 + Fibonacci Neckerchief

Perth Cardi + Dress No. 1

Front and back views of Audrey's Coat + Dress No. 1.
Links to all the knitting designs are in the blog sidebar (if you're viewing this on a mobile device you may have to switch to the web version to see). What you're not seeing in this collection is my latest "uniform" -- variations on the York Pinafore from Helen's Closet. That's a whole other story.