Thursday, May 21, 2020

Rumpled, But Who Cares?

Are you wearing rumpled linen? No lipstick? Hair in a messy bun? Who cares? I'm not the only one whose standards are dropping. It's Me Made May, and I'm no longer on Instagram (it's an ethical thing to do with Facebook), so here I am in my York Pinafore and Perth Cardi combo. The Pinafore has a very slight stain on the lower left front from a splash of bleach (what else, these days?), and it hasn't seen an iron since the last time it was laundered, but what the heck!

It's the most practical thing to wear at this time of the season when mornings are cool (8C) and daytime temps head up to 20C. I can take the leggings and socks off if I feel hot (at this age, who doesn't now and then), and the sweater is lightweight but warm from the alpaca content (Drops Flora). I hear the milkman out on the front porch, so time to rescue the bottles. I confess, I wash them with soap and water before storing them in the fridge. Probably overkill, but you know, better safe than sorry...