Monday, September 19, 2022

The Return

September has arrived and, as planned, we returned for lunch at County Cider in Prince Edward County. It happened to be the day when the grapes were being picked. (Yes, they grow grapes as well as apples.)

Perfect weather and a perfect day, making for a perfectly boring blog post. No knitting was accomplished since our timing with the ferry was also perfect with only a couple of minutes of waiting.
As usual, we made sure to visit Hagerman's farm stand to stock up on our way back.
Truly the best time of the year!
Back home, feeling a little burnt out from spending most of August painting the house (still not finished), I decided to haul out some nice Waverly drapery fabric from our linen closet and transform it into new cushion covers. This was fabric that was purchased 23 years ago while we were living in Washington, DC and that has been curtains in various houses we have owned. I hated to see it just sitting on a shelf going to waste.

My current phone has a really bad camera; I apologize for the poor quality of my pics.