Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Fibre Fest, and Why We Should Love Wool

I'm caught up in the move coming at the end of June, so I've not been blogging, knitting, or doing anything much other than pack boxes. We had a massive culling of books over the last week. Bill agreed to junk about a quarter of his collection--mostly out-of-date economics texts. You have no idea how difficult it has been to get him to do this.
So, with the junk man and his team disappearing into the sunset, what's next?
On Saturday I'll be teaching a class in two-handed stranded (fair isle) knitting at the Prince Edward County Fibre Fest in Picton. The class is full, but there's a lot going on at the Fest and a fantastic list of vendors. Join us. Do check the twitter account for the Glenora ferry first if you're planning on taking that route. The ferry has been out of service now and then over the last couple of weeks for high winds and water on Lake Ontario.
While the knitting activity has been scaled back around here, for some reason I continue to be obsessed with sewing to make a handmade wardrobe (I'll be wearing some of it on Saturday). An article in today's New York Times is giving me some justification and should give all of us who love wool fuel to continue our "making" while being kind to our planet.

Spinning, with an eye on the calendar and my to-do list.