Monday, August 23, 2021

Linen Love

Here I am back on the blog after a (sort of) refreshing break. It's too hot to do much knitting just now, so I'm sewing in our one room with a window air conditioner and waiting for the heat to break. With what looks to be a fourth wave of COVID starting up, I've made some new "Delta" masks from this pattern. They have three layers of dense batik cotton including a filter pocket to hold a meltblown polypropylene filter. Who ever thought that masks would become a fashion accessory? If you are looking for mask making materials, including filters and elastic, a lot of small fabric shops now sell these things online. Again, who would have thought?

My latest make is Friday Pattern Company's Cambria Duster. "Everyday Linen" in "graphite" from Pure Linen Envy.

Check out the inside. The picture is not the best because we have all the blinds down to keep out the heat. I think it took over 12 metres of homemade bias tape to cover the seams. If I make this again I'll buy ready-to-go double-fold tape. I used the leftovers for a matching mask.


At some point I'll model it, but today it's just too hot. My inspiration for this coat was this version by Simone of Fancy Tiger Crafts. To avoid the bathrobe look, I intend to wear the ties pulled to the back. Can't wait for fall weather. 

P.S. Comments are once again enabled for anyone with a Google account. And for all of you who have been writing to me on Ravelry, the knitting patterns will be coming back! Stay tuned.