Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pembroke Scarf

When is a design free? When it's barely a pattern. My Pembroke Scarf is up on Ravelry this afternoon, and apart from thirty minutes (at most) of experimenting to get the selvedges just right, and fifteen minutes playing around to find the best way to make the two tips of the scarf symmetrically rounded (not sure why, when it's an ASYMMETRICAL triangle), the only effort involved was in the actual knitting. Even then, it wasn't exactly EFFORT, since there were only two rows, repeated ad nauseum infinitum. However, that's what makes this scarf perfect for "social" knitting -- you know, the type of knitting you do with friends when you actually want to have a conversation. Pembroke is also perfect in two other ways: it makes an incredibly useful wardrobe piece, and it uses up lone skeins of luxury fibre that are sitting in your stash. I'm already thinking about a linen version for spring and I have another on the needles in hand-dyed merino for when I'm watching Netflix.

To download, go here.

Friday, February 2, 2018

February Sale

It's February, the cruellest (at least in my opinion) month of the year. So, in case you're looking for a quick, soft, fun knit with almost NO FINISHING, Glenora is on sale for $2 for this month.


And yes, that's the marvelously talented Cheryl Toy modelling in the first two photos with such exhuberance. Thanks, Cheryl. To purchase, click here.