Monday, January 20, 2014

Sans Internet

We've just spent a weekend without internet--both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it forces one to live minus the constant tug of distraction. A curse because one of us was trying to make housing arrangements for a summer working at Google and another was preparing for a meeting via Skype.

The weather outside made the walk to the University or to Starbucks unpleasant, so I spent the time knitting, listening to the radio and to already-downloaded audiobooks on my Ipod, and shoveling snow, and, oh yes,

watching Anno 1790, which I had read about last week on Kate Davies' blog and managed to acquire before our outage. I started off watching the first episode, but by Sunday it had turned into more of a binge as the intensity of the series kept ratcheting up. I also realized that the fact that it seemed to be snowing during most of the outdoor scenes, just as it was doing out my own window, made the series all the more realistic. Seriously, how could such a superb show have been cancelled just before the second season was about to be filmed?
Now our internet is back up and running and I'm getting caught up with e-mail, banking, etc. The second iteration of "Wheatsheaves" is more than half done, but you'll have to wait a while to see it.

We had a few moments of sunshine on Saturday and I snapped this photo of the first version, along with the start of my sampler shawl as the late afternoon rays slanted through our third floor library window. It's easy to understand the Swedish obsession with light.

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  1. Love this photo! I am Kingstonian too, and your photos capture our beautiful city. Thank you for this warmth on a very cold day!