Saturday, August 8, 2015

To Err Is Human...

Went to the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials yesterday, 2015 version. Entrants from all over the continent.
The clock is running in the background.
White dogs are easier to see at a distance.
Newly sheared, semi-wild sheep from Waupoos Island are skittish and not cooperative.
Julia, one of my test knitters working on a vest for her Dad.
No water bottles for sale; it was a bring your own and fill it for free event.
Came home and attempted a little sock photography,

then discovered this glaring error on one leg. I'd been proudly showing off the socks to fibre friends at the Trials, but no one mentioned this. It's hard to believe no one noticed it. Really, folks, next time let me know the truth. I can take it!

This morning, I snipped open the offending non-cable,

 returned the stitches to the needles, made the cable twist,

grafted everything back into place and wove in the ends.

To err is human, but to repair feels divine!

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  1. What a great fix! I'm glad you mentioned this the other day because I'm just about to do the same thing!