Saturday, February 4, 2017

Sweet Anticipation

Discovered that BT yarns are now available at Rosehaven Yarns in nearby Picton, ON. These wools are difficult to come by in Canada, and with the exchange rate, not inexpensive. But--so exciting to see an entire wall of Shelter and Loft.

Both are lightly spun. I used Shelter for the first time when I knitted the Buttonbox Waistcoat for the Fall, 2013 issue of Knitty. The only negative: I'm concerned that the lack of twist could have a negative effect on the life of a garment with sleeves. It seems that the elbows on our sweaters are always the first bits to go. My solution is to use sturdier wools for anything with sleeves, and save my BT wools for vests, hats, etc.

"Hayloft", "Soot", and "Snowbound".
Anticipation is so sweet!
P.S. I was hoping to pick up some "Old World", but another knitter got to it before me.


  1. Exciting that there is BT at Rose Haven now, can't wait to try it! I couldn't help but notice though that in your pictures the BT appears to be in the same shelves that held Rose Haven's Quince and Co offerings. Was Rose Haven still stocking the same extensive Quince and Co collection that I have grown to rely on?

  2. These only look like the Quince shelves. They're actually a completely new set of shelves placed toward the mid-section of the shop. Quince is still in its usual spot farther back. Yay. Now, two amazing options for those of us not in the big city.