Wednesday, October 9, 2019

KnitEast 2019: Scenes

Back from KnitEast, getting ready for Thanksgiving (making cranberry sauce, ordering local bread and pickles, etc.) Too busy for an extended post, so here are simply "scenes" from last weekend.

View from my room.
The front lawn.
Wool at the local supermarket. By Sunday night they were cleaned out.
View of the Baptist church at dusk.
Stephanie and Lucy (both knitting on Steph's sweaters) during the fashion show.
Pencil illustration by one of my students to help another student. Thank you, whoever came up with this.


  1. I'm the not-very-artistic illustrator of the last picture. Really enjoyed your class and am looking forward to using the techniques, as well as finishing my mini-vest. I enjoyed looking at your Knit East pictures - lots of lovely memories!

    1. Glad you found something take away from the class. Happy Thanksgiving.