Thursday, July 21, 2016

Suddenly, Unexpectedly

One of the better surprises of the yarn variety is the unexpected discovery of yarn. Thus it was when I discovered, while walking back to our inn in Rhinebeck from the Sheep and Wool Festival, that the local variety store had a back room full of high end yarn. And so it was last Saturday when Isabel and I happened upon a yarn nook in a clothing shop in nearby Westport. The day was cloudy and cool, the sort of day that comes as a relief after a spell of very hot, muggy days. It was Isabel's second last day home before returning to her studies out west, and we decided to make the best of it with a girls' day out, poking about the little shops in the picturesque village about 30 minutes north of Kingston in the heart of the Rideau Lakes.
We ate Kawartha ice cream and strolled down to the harbour,

entered the potter's workshop and checked out her work,

stopped by the visitors' centre to use the washrooms and wifi (Isabel may have tuned in to Pokemon Go, even though it was not yet officially available in Canada for another 24 hours), noticed this useful set of public bike repair tools, and

at the Westport Bamboo Company, suddenly and unexpectedly, 

we came upon this!


  1. That is lovely - it would have made my heart go pitter-pat.

  2. and what, exactly, might have come home with you?

  3. Actually, nothing. I simply filed the collection away for future reference.