Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Heart of the Matter

...and now here we are at the height of the summer heat--the heart of the season.

View of the inner harbour from Battery Park, at the bottom of my street (Martello towers in the background).

Climber on the breakwater.

Raspberry/blueberry pie. My own recipe here. The raspberries were picked on the same day as the baking.

As you can see, I am knitting at a leisurely pace due to the heat. Some of you may recognize the above as Wheatsheaves. The long-promised revision is coming. Actually, it's more like a re-visioning, with the makeover going bottom-up instead of top-down to allow for a beautiful  box pleat in the back. Stay tuned. Movie theatres are good at this season. Isabel (who is home for 10 days), James, and I saw "Love and Friendship" at our local Screening Room. Great fun--and air-conditioned.