Thursday, November 4, 2010

In the Knit Lab

Last week I was in Toronto, visiting my kids and knitting stores. At Lettuce Knit, I picked up some of Berroco's Campus. I fell in love with the earthy tones of this bulky, thick and thin wool/alpaca/acrylic blend. So, now I'm doing experiments with it. I've tried it on 6.5 mm needles as well as 8 mm needles. Why can't I find such a thing as a 7 mm needle? I guess it's like having to buy shoes only in whole sizes when you're really a half size. Sigh!

I've settled on the 6.5 mm, but unfortunately  my photo doesn't show the depth of the colours of this yarn. I'm thinking about a project, but it's early days and I could easily get distracted...
Meanwhile, the squirrels around our place are also feeling the need to stay warm. Recently, I started to bag the leaves that had accumulated in our little courtyard at the back of the house. The bag was sitting, waiting to be hauled out to the front curb on leaf collection day. Then, yesterday, I heard a tearing sound and looked out to see a squirrel racing clumsily over the neighbours' lawns with a large sheet of brown paper. THIS is what is left in back of our house.