Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Soup Kind of Spring

We've had only a handful of really warm days so far this season. Mostly, we seem to be having days when I want to wear a wool vest (yay Buttonbox!) under a linen overshirt, and wool socks around the house. To keep the chill at bay, today I'm making some white bean soup for lunch. The recipe is from here, and it couldn't be more simple or more delicious. BTW, this is the cookbook for anyone who is really clueless in the kitchen (are you reading this, Bill?). With its step-by-step photos and definitions of basic terms, it's super simple for newbie cooks to figure out how to do things. Isabel really likes how various recipes even explain how to tell when things are done.
While I'm writing this, the soup is bubbling gently and the whole house is fragrant with the scents of rosemary and garlic. That's fresh rosemary from my front doorstep (from left to right: rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano).

I'm in the process of writing up "Harriet's Jacket" too. The left half has been re-knitted,

with the underarm bulk satisfactorily removed. This is a really quick knit, and fun as a bonus. When I finish this version, I'll knit Isabel's from the written-up pattern (in garnet). This helps me to double-check for errors. Then we'll have a photo session, and I'll get it up on Ravelry. I have a biking expedition planned for tomorrow to scout out a potential photo site. Now, soup's on!