Monday, September 30, 2013

Spin, Knit, Repeat...

Early fall can be the best time of year--warm sunny days, nippy nights, and few insects to annoy. The garden beckons. James and I spent Saturday afternoon doing some re-arranging.

The primrose foliage is turning a delicious reddish bronze.

The test knit of Petrova is now done, with sufficient corrections in the written pattern to prove that it was warranted, and the finished garment, minus buttons, is drying on the library floor. In spite of our warm, dry weather it's going to take a while. All that thick merino, silk, and cashmere is cushy to the feel, but also like a sponge!

Once it's dry, I'll take some photos of Isabel modelling it, and maybe she'll take some of me modelling mine, and it'll be ready for Ravelry.
In the meantime, I'm concentrating on trying to finish Zora in time for Rhinebeck. I've already spun up five skeins, each with approximately 150 yards, and I'm almost halfway through the sixth. There's something so uplifting about seeing my handspun drying in the fall sunshine.

To provide some variety (and make me feel as if I'm actually making progress), I've started in on the knitting.

I think I'll have to wear this with a red scarf, don't you?