Thursday, June 5, 2014


Most of the time these days, I'm working on my Fibre Roads cardigan--the project I can't show you. Today I needed a break, though, so I went on down to Anwyn Yarn  in Portsmouth Village and picked up these:

As soon as I got home, I had a half hour of instant gratification. So much fun for $20.

The colour is somewhere in the puce range. For some reason, I can remember exactly when I first encountered this colour, at least in name. It was during my teens, whilst reading Georgette Heyer's "The Black Moth", in which Jack, the hero, complains that someone "does not understand the soul-agony of a man who makes his first appearance in puce". I had to look it up and always remembered the moment. As an aside, if you are a member of, it is worth listening to their audiobook version of this novel for one of the best and most entertaining narrations out there (by Julian Rhind-Tutt).
My previous spinning project has been plyed and washed and is now sitting on a shelf awaiting inspiration. This is a little unusual, because most of the time I start with the idea of a project and spin from there. The puce BFL/silk is already destined to become a gradient crescent scarf.
We are finally in some version of late spring. The weather is still much cooler than normal, although at this point I'm not sure what normal is any more. Nevertheless, things are green and blooming,

 and maybe the weather will be even be nice for "Knit in Public Day". I hear there will be some knitting going on at our Market Square. Where will you knit? I wonder if spinning counts...
 P.S. Here's Meriel of Anwyn Yarn, last Sunday at the Kingston Farmers' Market, showing a customer (Caleigh?) how to get started on a drop spindle.

Don't these brightly-coloured little beginners' kits call out to you? And best of all, they're calorie free!